passion leaves a trace
the third album

five years in the making, this record is the bridge between the first and second albums. from the pitch black of 'this night' to the madness of 'pictures of people' to the obsession of 'mine again,'
passion charts the unknown regions of the heart and makes it back alive. more


electronica + remixes

part fetish, part side project, part indulgence - all electric all the time. paul, andy & brian, along with a few fans, bring the noise in this collection of techno-rock experiments, trance detours, remixes from see the sun, and the epic 'transformers theme.' holy cow. more


  your body above me
the director's cut

black lab's 1997 debut reborn, with nearly two minutes of additional music & two extra songs originally recorded for the album. resequenced, remastered, reamped. replace that worn out copy & hear it with new ears. or experience it the first time the way it was meant to be. more

see the sun
the second album

black lab's long-awaited 2005 follow up to your body above me. in twelve songs of lush, intelligent rock, singer paul durham shreds his heart and lays it out on a platter. features the indelible title track, 'lonely boy,' and 'learn to crawl' (featured on sony pictures' spider-man soundtrack). more


  cake or death
an unauthorized
side project

cake or death is paul's secret indulgence, a few friends getting together to make the kind of music they heard at junior high dances. a guilty pleasure. a cavity-inducing atrocity, like a fleetwood mac bar band. extremely addictive. more

ten million years
songs from the 1990's

paul durham's pre-lab acoustic-based project laid the groundwork for what was to come. eleven riveting experi-ments in folk & rock, along with an acoustic lab version of "wash it away," a couple of live acoustic tracks, and the original demo of "ten million years." more



mp3 of the month club
volumes I, II & III

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