paul durham
ten million years:
songs from the nineteen nineties

four tracks of acoustic black lab, plus eleven tracks of folk-rock ambition -- trying to put everything down at once, bare bones, with nothing to hide behind.

with paul baker on bass, hershel yatovitz on guitar, and jim kassis on drums, paul durham tried to break new ground. in the end, he left in search of a big wall of guitar.

this CD collects the mid-nineties recordings produced by acclaimed jazz producer lee townsend. it's a riveting mix of folk and rock, cut through with with shards of country and jazz, and reveals the early impulses that led to black lab.

includes the original versions of "time ago," "dream in color" and "walk slow" (from the director's cut of your body above me).
the cd also includes the acoustic black lab version of "wash it away," late-night recordings of an acoustic-duo performance of "can't keep the rain" and "sleeps with angels" by paul and his friend d.joseph; and the beautiful solo demo of "ten million years" that got paul his first deal with geffen. download "postcards" or "sleeps with angels (live)" for a taste.

click LISTEN to hear seven 90-second samples from the album. click BUY CD to order using credit card or paypal. click DOWNLOAD and you'll get an email after checkout offering you a choice of either hi-resolution 192k mp3 or iTunes-Plus-grade 256k aac. the download also features two bonus tracks and ready-to-print CD artwork pdf's with cropmarks.

CD track listing curios
with a band called durham
01 postcards free download : just right click & save
02 mary  
03 run circles  
04 something about  
05 time ago '92  
06 the ghost tonight  
07 dream in color '93  
08 walk slow  
09 o' maggie  
10 sixteen  
11 home  
songs from the lab
12 wash it away (acoustic)  
13 can't keep the rain (live)  
14 sleeps with angels (live) free download : just right click & save
15 ten million years ('95)