ok, cool. we got two mystery items for you.

#1 is a your body above me promo flat.

what is a promo flat?
well, it's the size of an lp and has the album cover on the front, like so:

the back is green with black writing that states
the name of the band, the record and the singles.
it's the closest thing to a record jacket of the album
and it's what I've got hanging in a frame in my studio.
I even made a little platinum sales award to go with it

we'll roll this baby up in a tube for you and send it
out special. hell, stick one of the blue "pd
acoustic" posters in there while you're at it.

only have a few more so get it while it's hot.


we're also proud to offer a gen-u-wine collector's item for all black lab completists out there:

the 'I feel fine' ep from 2003.

this cd was our attempt to give fans something to chew on while we tried to figure out what we were doing with our lives in the long desert between ybam and the release of see the sun.

the six songs include:

1. see the sun
2. remember
3. perfect girl (ep guitar mix by andy ellis)
4. ecstasy
5. learn to crawl
6. gone [demo]

rock out!