THE TRANSFORMERS THEME, from Black Lab's new album Technologie.
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paul durham and black lab are pleased to announce
the release of black lab's second album of 2007: TECHNOLOGIE. twelve songs of electronica, techno-rock & remixes -- plus our epic tribute to the transformers theme.

part side-project, part collaboration with fans, part hidden dark room where we went to work out our big beat fetish, TECHNOLOGIE is available now via DOWNLOAD from in drm-free 192k mp3 & 256k aac formats (includes artword pdf's, two bonus tracks, including the transformers theme instrumental). or order a CD right now and get an immediate mp3 download of the theme.

4 tracks created by Andy Ellis (including 'this blood' from new line cinema's Blade: Trinity), plus Andy's 9-minute remix of 'ecstasy' (from black lab's second album, See the Sun). 3 tracks created by Brian Paturalski (including 'river of joy,' featured in the trailer for sony pictures' The Covenant). a track by D. Joseph Hofer. a remix of 'lonely boy' by Miss Volatile; a remix of 'remember' by Alex Kemp. plus a production by Andy (Andy being THE biggest Transformers fan in the world) of the 'transformers theme' from the TV show & 80's animated movie. all of these feature Paul on vocals. we also get Andy's debut on lead vocals in 'ghost in the machine,' a track he produced with his brother, Henry.

preview it all right here. this album is like a dark alley we got lured into, a mix of rock writing with raging beats -- torrential synths trading blows with huge guitars -- all of it cut with shards of dance, trance & the lost world of TECHNOLOGIE.


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black lab is an independent rock band (independent meaning that we write, record, mix, produce, art design, distribute and market our music ourselves). we have made three albums of alt/pop/rock plus various side projects.

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TECHNOLOGIE track listing

101 bulletproof
102 new prayer
103 river of joy
104 living too fast
105 lonely boy (miss volatile remix by tara [])
106 hole in my heart
107 when worlds collide
108 ecstasy (switchblade remix by andy)
109 ghost in the machine (vocals by andy)
110 remember (motorboat drama remix by alex kemp [])
111 a stone's throw
112 this blood
113 transformers theme