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thank you for everything!

March 14th, 2014


ok, you people — 2010 backers and over $75,000. you have officially blown our minds and hearts to shreds and we’re still kind of stunned. we’re hoping it wears off soon so we can get to work on the massive pile of tasks before us.

but thank you. really. incredibly. we’re so grateful…

for everyone who missed the kickstarter you still have a 48 hour window in which to select a reward (yes, even one of the hand-written lyric rewards, tho i’m gonna regret it later) and send the money directly through paypal.

just check the FAQ’s at the bottom of the kickstarter page to read how to do this.

the rest of you: please fill out the surveys you get this weekend as soon as humanly possible. we need to get all this information sorted to finish the artwork on the CDs and get the t-shirts ordered. we don’t want to be late with our manufacturing so we really need this info from you asap. no procrastination!

meanwhile, check out ‘this night’ featured tonight on BANSHEE, cinemax at 10/9 central. should be cool…

thanks again!

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less than 4 hours left

March 14th, 2014

our kickstarter ends today at noon pacific time. we are blown away by your incredible support — 969 backers for $67,849 so far — and are hoping you will love the new album as much as we do.

anything you can do to help spread the word in these final hours is much appreciated — facebook, twitter, or email. you can go here: to promote us with just one click.

so spread the love in these last few hours and we’ll have a big worldwide party at noon!


paul & andy

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$40k in 48 hours… speechless.

February 14th, 2014

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36 hours, $28,000. THANK YOU!

February 14th, 2014

thank you everyone for your incredible generosity in helping us meet our kickstarter goal. we never could have imagined that it would only take 36 hours. to express our profound gratitude we have a little valentine’s day treat for you:

to get a free mp3 of the song just click the button in the top bar under “free mp3 of the month”

if you haven’t had a chance to contribute to our campaign, we still have 28 days left so feel free to stop in any time. and if you have contributed, please drop in and say hi and check out what we’ve got going on. we are going to be developing some great stretch goals (posted at our kickstarter now) along with more free stuff, new gonzo rewards, and all kinds of goodness.



paul & andy

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kickstarter for the new black lab album

February 13th, 2014


dear black lab family,

i am incredibly pleased and excited to announce that the kickstarter campaign for our new album has launched and is now underway. after 18 months of hard hard work andy and i are in the final stages of the album — and all we need is your support to mix, master, manufacture and market the album.

we have been sweating and bleeding and jumping up and down in ecstasy over this thing and we’re dying for you to hear it. in fact, we’re dying for the whole world to hear it, which is why we’re doing this campaign so we can raise the funds to truly promote it to FM and XM radio and pay for publicity aimed at music blogs and other media.

please head over to the campaign at

and check out the video and all the awesome awards we have — from limited kickstarter-only edition CDs and T-shirts to great bundles of Skype conversations and live performances with me and Andy. some of the awards have a limited amount and the campaign is already cooking so get there quick for the best stuff.

and please please help us spread the word to your family and friends through email, social media, and by thrusting copies of our CDs into people’s hands. Think through your list of contacts and acquaintances and see if there’s someone you might know who could help — a blogger or a DJ maybe — and contact us and we’ll support you to make the most of your connection.

again, we can’t wait to get the new album into your hands. we feel like it’s the most mature, cinematic, three-dimensional thing we’ve ever done. your support and encouragement means the world to us.

thank you so much…


paul and andy

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