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if you liked ‘this night,’ you’ll like ‘a raven has my heart’

September 3rd, 2014

hey, we just wanted to reach out to everyone who found us via the song ‘this night’ and its appearance on ‘the shield,’ ‘house m.d.,’ and ‘banshee.’

you might have really dug the vibe of ‘this night’ and not found a lot of other stuff with that same sound among the black lab catalogue. now you can glut yourself on moody, electronic-flavored darkness all you want with the new black lab album, ‘a raven has my heart.’

the album comes from the same place as ‘this night,’ and you can hear it. click here to see videos of ‘this night’ in your favorite shows as well as to preview the new album and get a free download of ‘underwater.’

we love ‘this night,’ and we especially love ‘a raven has my heart.’ we hope you will check it out…


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black lab in LA & NYC

July 31st, 2014

hello peeps,

andy and i will be playing acoustic shows in august to say thank you for the success of our kickstarter and to celebrate the release of a raven has my heart. there will be one show in LA and one in NYC. please come!

los angeles, thursday 8/14 at 8pm, hotel cafe, 1623 north cahuenga blvd. tickets $10 at

new york city, saturday 8/16 at 7pm, mercury lounge, 217 east houston street. tickets are free (thanks to the incredible generosity of our sponsoring kickstarter contributor). to secure tickets just email us at with your name and how many tickets you want (max 2). we’ll get back to you to confirm your name is on the list.

we’ll be hanging around after the shows to chat, sign posters and CDs, etc., so be sure to stop and say hello (unfortunately, both shows are at 21+ venues, so if you’re underage and want to say hi just come lurk outside the back door and we’ll bring you beer). there will also be exclusive t-shirts celebrating the shows on sale.

AND, we need some help with our NY show if you have some extra time. we want to make a nice video of the NY performance, so if there’s anyone out there with a canon 5D or 7D and some experience, please let us know (and if you can’t make the show but would be up for editing the footage, please let us know that as well). we also need some lighting, crewpeople, and someone to help us sell merch. shoot us an email and we’ll all have dinner together before the show.

we can’t wait to see you.


paul & andy

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win a black lab box set     #hasmyheart

June 11th, 2014

dear you,

in making our new album, a raven has my heart, we had to dig deep into who we were and what we wanted to do with our lives. we knew that only by tapping into the heart of what we were most passionate about could we get to something new and artistically exciting for us, the thing that would not just inspire us but keep us going through the tremendous struggle of getting an album made.

through supporting the kickstarter campaign and purchasing the new album, you have redeemed this excavation of ours into something new. a raven has my heart represents a reinvention for us, a reconnection with the deepest emotional processes of making music. we’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to explore this new country and bring back what we found for you.

it’s also made us interested in what it is that moves all of you. i mean, who are you people? you listen to our music and send us money for it and tell your friends about us. some of you are very vocal, some of you are invisible, just supporting us in your quiet, consistent way over the years. we’re interested in who you are and what you’re passionate about. what is it that drives you in your life? what is most important to you? what is it that has your heart?

we figured we’d have to drag it out of you, so to do so we thought of a little contest. write us a description of what has your heart and post it to our facebook page and twitter with the hashtag #hasmyheart and the those of you with the posts we find most moving will win an awesome signed black lab box set along with other prizes we have leftover from our kickstarter (if you already bought a box set we will cook up something equally awesome).

let’s start a fire with this — we really want to hear from you. i know it’s a challenge to boil it down into a facebook or twitter post (or a freaking song lyric) but we have faith in you. it can be your child, your work, your marriage, your art, your dreams — whatever it is we want to know about it and we want you to share it with us. let’s create a big searchable motherlode of passion.

are you in? we want to know who you are.



photo by sara haase

photo by sara haase.

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a raven has my heart — album out now!

May 20th, 2014

hey everyone, the new album is out. we’re super excited. hear it and buy it right here.

(new t-shirts too).


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pre-order the new album now!

May 9th, 2014


[xyz_lbx_default_code]we are proud and happy to announce that the new black lab album, a raven has my heart, can be pre-ordered right here.

pre-order the CD today and receive a instant free download of the album and start listening right now!

and if you haven’t already, check out the first song from the album — ‘unfamiliar sky’ as this month’s free mp3 of the month. you can also listen to 90 second previews of the album by clicking here. we’ve gotten quite a lot of nice comments from people who received the advance copies via our kickstarter campaign.

the album will get it’s official release on itunes and at amazon soon, but this is your chance to get your hands (or at least your ears) on it right now.

thanks so much for your support!

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