the first year of the MP3 of the month club concluded the inaugural year. must say, it’s been pretty cool. for Paul, it’s been the chance to share a sampling of archived demos, new projects fresh off the laser, questionable experiments, exclusive remixes, side project pre-releases, soundtrack cuts, random covers, real-time writing samples, etc. and receiving input from fans.

Volume l trax
a day alone
angle of my head
– write #1
– write #2
broken heart
ghost in your mind
remember (Alex Kemp’s Motorboat Drama)
on the road again
all I think about
head out of water
come on




throughout it all, this club has been our primary connection to the people who care the most about Black Lab music. it’s was a lifeline, keeping us in touch with why we do this. we’re passionate, even after all these years, about making music. feeling your passion mirror back our own has helped us see through the mirage of the old music biz and step into the new music biz, the real music biz. you guys have made it clear how much you care, and you’ve made it ok for us to keep caring too.this little monthly experiment has made it ok for us to keep experimenting and try some stuff we don’t know how to do, but always wanted to try. so in the spirit of experimentation, I’d like to introduce you to an alternate personality of mine, a real suburban gangsta, a wigger with his pants real low, rocking that mic with the panty hose. also with some crappy videos and rambling.

Volume ll trax
give me something
hotelcafe (5 live tracks!)
5th grade
the river
out there
can’t keep the rain
the window
someone else
remember live
time ago live




sometimes this process is just drudgery, like a mason feeling around for the right stone to go in the next slot, trying this one and then that one. other times it’s ecstatic, as if something much bigger than me reaches down my throat and just pulls it out. regardless of which, the result can be a source of profound joy. of course, other times I think that I suck and all the sweat in the world will never turn me into anything other than a no-talent hack. those are not-so-fun times.I mean, sometimes the thing just pops out in finished form, all covered in slime and bawling its head off. but most of the ones I come to care about are those I have to get down into the trench to excavate, not settling for the easy rhyme or habitual melody, but feeling into where I want to go and then going there, regardless of what’s between me and that place.

Volume lll trax
when you get home
let it shine
the wrong side
out loud
piece it back together
all the rage
if I only had a brain
my favorite part of town




I’ve been locked up tight here, building a new vision for black lab while avoiding the whole songwriting thing. it’s a very bad habit. it seems not like the year of writing the new album, but more like the year of NOT writing the new are the tortured remains of a few very late nights. I think there’s a good verse in there somewhere; the chorus I have no idea about. the lyrics are a combination of a lot of very hard work and total hackery. overall, this one’s a mystery, so I’m happy to turn it over to you. more than anything, I also want to thank you all for supporting the club with your ears. sometimes it’s been the only thing keeping me in the game and I appreciate it. you’ve been incredibly patient and I appreciate it.

Volume lV trax
walk this road
dying just to hold you
the moon
don’t ask me why (bonus)
it’s over
couldn’t help myself (bonus)
dark eyes
deep down
what I want
coming home
a new world
under the ice
transmission (bonus)

the black lab Mp3 of the Month Club : things people say.

‘Paul, I have to tell you, the beginning of the month is now one of the biggest things to look forward to anymore.’ – Raich

‘Yeah, definitely sounds like old school Lab. Lovin it.’ – Jon

‘I’m really digging the opportunity to hear these ‘demos’ or stripped downed versions of some of the stuff Paul has done – more, more, more!’ – All Arms

‘Heheh, wicked. I like it a lot, different than the usual ‘lab sound, but still really great stuff. The beginning of the month rocks!’ ‘I’m gonna start calling this the Mmmmmm p3 of the month club, cause it tastes so darn good!’ – TRN

‘Awesome!!! This won’t leave my playlist for awhile!!!!!!!’ – Alex

‘Each of the mp3’s OTM so far have struck me as unique – the more I’ve listened though, I have appreciated that they all kick ass in their own way. It seems to me that Paul has tried many different sounds (check ‘This Blood’) but they all rock. In short: I vote for the artist, not the song 😉 ‘ – Rendor

‘Wow. #8 is vintage greatness. It may not be a lead-release single, but DAMN is it good in it’s emotion and feel. Paul, this is a great lil heartfelt poem of sorts…thanks for sharing!’ -b

‘Paul, i am intregued and interested by the peek behind the curtain at your development process. It is facinating to hear first hand how you develop what has fits and starts and literal bursts of potential into what is sure to again amaze us. thank you for the opportunity and the insight. And the lil comment at the end of #1 is, of course, priceless.

Angle of my Head, after my first listen, I find to be soft and sweet-ish…very songs from the nineteen nineties. And that is a good thing. I love the range and spectrum you travel.’ – Sleeps With Angels

‘I really like the “behind the curtain” stuff, myself. It’s nice to hear an idea worm its way around into something a bit more concrete, but more tha that, to hear the stumbles and trials of making it work. I have to say, it struck me as quite ballsy to release it like that. Subscribers are of course huge fans, but it strikes me as almost intimate in nature. It’s great to check it out, though. Big thanks.’ – Firefought

‘This day could not have started better…finally got to sleep in…then roll out of bed to find a sweetened deal for another year of MP3 of the month, all exclusive-like! wa-hoo!! I just re-up’d now, good to go for another year and eagerly awaiting this signed CD of rare black lab goodness. Great ideas all around, Paul! Lotsa love for you guys!’

‘Gotta say I absoloutely lovve these tracks; firstly cuz they are probably my favourite tracks from the two albums and also cuz the live recordings are as close as I can get to hearing the Lab live. The acoustic version of Time Ago makes what is already a beautiful track that much more beautiful. Nice one Paul , roll on August!!’ ‘I can just imagine myself in some smokey 40’s cocktail bar it’s like nothing I’ve heard from the Lab… I love the build up to the chorus before “All of the hours…” and the sort of haunting semi-quiet about two thirds of the way through. This is gradually turning into one of my favourite tunes. Best birthday present I’ve had, thanks Paul!’ – Stoka

‘Paul, you continue to impress and keep us on our toes. But you make it difficult for me to answer my friends when they ask what kind of music Black Lab puts out. The best I can come up with is “good music.” – fluffy

Posted: Tue Sep 12, 2006 5:43 am, by: Paul.
sorry ’bout that, fluffy. I, too, would like to make it easier on you in terms of answering your friends. probably, if there WAS an easy answer to the question of what kind of music we make, I would be a big, rich (divorced) rock star by now. but my voice does lots of different things and I like to let it. I dig various kinds of music — from trip hop to techno to indy to country blues to… I don’t know, just music that strikes me as good. one of the downsides to not being on a major label is that there’s no limo driver at the airport with a little sign that says my name. one of the upsides is that I get to make whatever the fuck music I want, and I plan on continuing to exercise this privilege. as always, thanks for listening.

October is AWESOME. – Jon S.


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