live acoustic at the mercury lounge was recorded at black lab’s NYC show in 2014 and features 100 minutes of pristine HD video and CD-quality audio. the collection is available both as a full-resolution digital download as well as part of a lux package of one DVD and two CDs full of music. if you haven’t been able to make it to an acoustic black lab show in the last few years, this intimate footage is the next best thing. if you were there, it’s the ultimate momento!

the video portion features every song played during both sets, as well as an intermission with backstage views and exclusive interview material with paul and andy. the two-camera footage is beautifully shot and edited, a great presentation for fans and newbies alike. the audio was painstakingly recorded and mixed, tweaked and polished by andy until it shines. it’s a moving document of the night as well as a pretty awesome collection of music. 20 songs with paul on vocals and guitar and andy on guitar and piano, as well as all the laughter, dumb jokes, snafus and crowd exchanges that made the night so memorable.

the DVD/2CD set is available exclusively through CDbaby or you can get the full-resolution downloads right here. audio is available at bandcamp, itunes, amazon.mp3 and your favorite digital source. thank you for supporting black lab!






  • Instrumentals_chill

  • Live at Mercury Lounge

  • A Raven Has My Heart

  • Best of the MP3 of the Month Club

  • Two Strangers

  • Unplugged

  • Give Us Sugar: b-sides

  • Passion Leaves a Trace

  • Technologie

  • See The Sun

  • Your Body Above Me

  • Stray Palace EPs

  • Paul Solo: 10M Years

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