paul durham and black lab announce the release of their third album, featuring ‘this night’ from house md‘s march 14, 2011 episode and the shield‘s season 6 trailer.five years in the making, passion leaves a trace finds the band returning to the experimental roots of their critically acclaimed geffen debut, your body above me. passion bristles with deeply personal epics, carved out of driving rock & roll, lush electronics and savage desire.

using the incandescent riffs and soaring vocals that hooked fans in the first place, passion mixes walls of guitar with unexpected moments of synthesizer, breakbeat, & emotional breakdown. the majesty of ‘mine again,’ the jet-black remorse of ‘this night,’ the loss of ‘weightless,’ the driving blast of ‘the real you,’ the ache of ‘ghost in your mind,’ the schizophrenia of ‘pictures of people,’ and the slow trip of ‘the window’ – all come together in this portrait of total obsession.

tracks from this self-produced album can be heard on FX’s promo for season 6 of “ the shield,” in CBS’s “numb3rs,” “ABC’s “ 6 degrees,” and films the benchwarmers & lovewrecked.

track listing
01 mine again
02 ghost in your mind
03 the real you free download : just right click & save
04 this night
05 gone
06 a day alone
07 weightless
08 pictures of people
09 broken heart
10 sun and moon
11 good
12 the window
?? extra sweet bonus trak

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FX’s promo for season six of the shield, featuring ‘this night’


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Scott Chesnut’s video for ‘ghost in your mind’:



iTunes reviews

A great mix of music

by BlackLab#1Fan

When will this band get the recognition they’re due?? Every song on this album is better than most songs with radio play!! Music, lyrics, vocals are superb and there’s music for your every mood. Love Gone and Weightless.

I came as part of Bum Rush The Charts

by cyborgoddess

and was prepared to delete the song Mine Again if I didn’t like it. I don’t like it, I love it and will download the album together. The music is tight, the vocals sound near to perfect, the refrains are catchy but not too poppy. Well Done Black Lab.

Outstanding Musical Production

by Kevin from

Powerful, thoughtful lyrics championed by guitars, keys, and percussion. “Passion Leaves A Trace” is one of my favorite albums from 2006. A brilliant follow-on to “See The Sun,” this album continues in the same vein of driving guitar beats and catchy lyrics.

Better and better

by Utinni

It’s rare to get music that sounds better and better each time you listen to it. I’ve been listening to Black Lab since I saw them open for Our Lady Peace while touring their first Album and have been following them since. Every new song and new album I hear makes me like them even more.

Another Great One

by MarinBikes

This is a great album for fans of Black Lab. For the rest of you it’s even better. Very melodic passionate tunes, with a bluesy song in “The Window.” You can play the whole thing without skipping songs, but I found 1,4,7,10,12 exceptional. This is the soundtrack to your life. Cruising downtown L.A. at 2am, this is the music you want enveloping the cabin of your car.

All I hoped it would be

by In My Tree

I first discovered Black Lab back in ’97 or ’98 when they opened for Our Lady Peace in Chicago. They blew me away and the next day I went out and bought their album. I was sure they’d be huge in terms of popularity, and I’m shocked they never made it too big commercially. Now they come out with another amazing album that unfortunately most people will never hear. Paul has one of the best voices in music today. Its good to know there are other Black Lab fans, but I’m sure there would be more if people gave them a listen.

a perfect mix

by masterchief42

this album is halfway between YBAM and STS. it’s perfect for long time black lab fans and newcomers alike. it’s amazing.

Black Lab can do no wrong!

by Nisocrew

I have been a Black Lab fan since around 1999 and I am disappointed that two years went by before I was introduced to them. Of all the music I listen to, Black Lab is the most meaningful. The emotion that goes into the lyrics and music is simply inspiring. Your Body Above Me is still one of my favorite albums of all time, and Passion Leaves a Trace is now neck and neck. Mine Again is clearly the most accessible song on the album and arguably the best. This Night is the track that will draw most people to Black Lab now considering it has replaced Time Ago as the most downloaded song. However, it is not the only reason to purchase this album, albeit it is a great one. All the songs stand on their own merits, but I would certainly recommend Weightless and Your Ghost to the fans of This Night. Sune and Moon, Pictures of People, and Ghost in Your Mind really capture the Black Lab that all the fans have come to know and love. Go to their website, buy all three albums, and play them for everyone you know If the fans don’t do it, no one will!

The best of Lab

by TheRiveter731

Combines the dark and twisty-ness of Your Body Above Me and the upbeat from See the Sun. AMAZING!

Musicianship at its best!

by Madchadley

This review technically covers both “See the Sun” and “Passion Leaves a Trace” because I purchased them at the same time. “Your Body Above Me” was one of my absolute favorite albums throughout college because of the well crafted, lyrically heavy songs. I believed the band had simply broken up or had not had the opportunity to make another album, so I was extremely surprised when I saw they had two albums released within the last two years. The quality of these two cd’s are amzing and can be heard in each and every song, there are not weak “filler” tracks on either album. Blac Lab shows amazing growth and progression even between these two latest releases, with “Passion” bearing rich music and lyrics about the pains and trials of love. If you love good, quality rock music with soul, I highly recommend any album by Black Lab

Amazon reviews

Why Is No One Listening To This Amazing Band?

ByFrank Brackney “Pancho”

I must admit, over the past several years I have become a diehard Black Lab advocate. Paul Durham and Andy Ellis (who self produce) continually deliver first-class music with depth that sadly, most people never have the opportunity to hear. Their previous effort, ‘See the Sun’, was simply awe-inspiring (Highest Recommendation) and I couldn’t wait until the arrival of their next CD.

‘Passion’ (quietly released in Jan. 07) is spilling over with emotion filled vocals and inspired lyrics that bond with listeners. The amazing opening track, ‘Mine Again’ reminiscing about memories of a loved one willing to do anything to get them back is a song that will not leave your head and DESERVES radio exposure. Remorse echoes throughout the killer drum beat driven song, `This Night’ (Used in the FX Promo for The Shield Season 6) that had me hitting the repeat button over and over. Hiding in the middle of the CD is the very heart of ‘Passion’. The ethereal and staggering , ‘Weightless’. Paul Durham weaves magic on this song and it will knock your socks off. `Ghost In your Mind’, `The Real You’, and ‘A Day Alone’ round out the highlights of the disc.

Although the CD may falter on the last few tracks, as a whole it surpasses most of the pathetic fare heard on the radio today and deserves your attention and your ear. Don’t Miss it!

I agree (buy this album)

By Leonidas Falkner

I don’t usually review items but had to stop when I saw this CD had only one review. Paul Durham’s voice was made for rock, and the sort of beats/instrumentals that accompany his lyrics are amazing.

This is what rock should be.

Incredible range-can’t stop listening to this CD!


The opening track MINE AGAIN was responsible for jamming up iTunes wit demand for over 48 hours when it was heard on playlists and caused quite a stir with the Bum Rush The Charts movement. That aside, it is an incredible, moving song that will embed in your head. GHOST IN YOUR MIND, a more somber moment is flawless and emotional. Most people highlight WEIGHTLESS as their personal favorite on this CD (and I can clearly see why–epic, moving, different and unique) but I must say that BROKEN HEART and SUN AND MOON (both harder rocking efforts) are the two that get me going. Nothing quite like those two tracks with their driving beats and excellent lyrics while driving around, windows open…

…if I could give this CD 10 stars, I would. Take a chance and pick this one up.


By Supernova

The fact that Black Lab are doing this on their own, without the “assistance” of a record label just goes to show you how badly these labels have missed the boat. Durham and Ellis have created a brilliant album here. Highlights are “Mine Again” and “Weightless” (for me anyway) but the album is great all through. I am so grateful I stumbled on Black Lab way back in 1997. I have all their albums and look forward to the day they are out touring again.


mine again. there’s a place I used to go. there’s a world I used to know. there was a light and it was you. every word I say is true. I say every day I will wait till you’re mine again. I will die every day till you’re mine again. there’s no words to explain no beginning and no end. I will dream I will pray you’ll be mine again. I can see you dressed in red all the secret things you said lying barefoot in the grass now my heart is in your hands. it’s just time that runs between us. it’s the ocean underneath us. it’s the picture that won’t fade away.

weightless. I can see, see you there hanging weightless in the air wind and sunlight in your hair. I can see you there. your olive skin your secret smile betrayed again a secret island in your mind lost forever lost before your time. who is to say who is to know the truth? when no one is left and nothing they said can save you. who is to say who is to blame and who will you give yourself to? when nobody wants more than I want you. broken glass a bleeding wrist a second chance for a simple kiss. I waited for you at the edge. could you take such a risk? on your knees on your back who’d you call when things got bad? did they answer? did you ask? ‘cause I would answer I would tell you this.

ghost in your mind. on a bus in a dream I could see you. you were beautiful. a girl in a dress I could see through. and the colors that surround you like neon on the avenue the people all around you were dust in my eyes. and I wanted to believe you the lies that I could see through but I never got between you and the ghost in your mind yeah the ghost in your mind. it’s there in your eyes there in your voice but you’re far away. it’s there in your eyes there on your face but you’re far away. far away. on a day like today I remember how beautiful you could be to me. and the colors that surround you like a prince had come and found you picked you up and crowned you in the land of the blind. and I wanted to believe you the lies I could see through but I never got between you and the ghost in your mind yeah the ghost in your mind.

the real you. let me stay a little while. I’ll be gone girl before the sun can rise. I know you’re scared. I know your father’s mad. I know they’re saying in the end I’ll make you sad. but I won’t give up and I don’t mind waiting I can wait another day. no I won’t give up and I don’t mind watching but I can’t walk away. cause I lost my shadow lost my heart. broke my back and crashed my car and I know that I’ve got one last chance to show you the real you. so will you say a little while. everything is easy when you let me see you smile. and I’ll go down before it’s through. there’s nothing secret that I wouldn’t do for you.

broken heart. she looks good with a broken heart. she makes an easy mark. yeah, I hate to be rough I like her so much I don’t know where to start. she looks good with her eyes red. it matches her long red dress. I like the way that she walks the way that she talks no matter what she says. yeah you know I know my sugar there’s no one sweeter than you. and you know I know my sugar that no one else ever will do. she knows I need it but I’ve had enough for now she looks good with a broken heart. I’d like to see you fly up in the brooklyn sky. so don’t slit your wrist don’t jump off a bridge it’s gonna be alright. but if you bring your love around don’t bring me down. I like your face it’s such a waste when you wear that frown.

this night. there are things I have done. there’s a place I have gone. there’s a beast and I let it run now it’s running my way. there are things I regret that you can’t forgive you can’t forget. there’s a gift that you sent you sent it my way. so take this night and wrap it around me like a sheet. I know I’m not forgiven but I need a place to sleep. so take this night and lay me down on the street. I know I’m not forgiven but I hope that I’ll be given some sleep. there’s a game that I played. there are rules I had to break. there’s mistakes that I made but I made them my way.

sun & moon. stand outside in the falling rain. I’m here again and I’ll never let you down. hold myself to the rising flame. I will rise again and I’ll never let you down. I set myself on fire against the falling night. set myself on fire so I could see the light. if I stand out in the open I can find my way and I’m hoping you can stay the night into the day. you are the sun you are the moon and I’ll never let you down. you are the sun you are the moon and I’ll never let you down. girls get lost in the falling dark but I hit my mark and I’ll never let you down. girls get lost but I found the road and I’m not alone. I’ll never let you down. well I set myself on fire against the fading light. I set myself on fire so I could beat the night. If I stand out in the open I can find my way and I’m hoping you can stay the night into the day.

good. so tonight’s your big night and someone’s here to meet. when you hit that spotlight let the world rise up to greet you. we’re gonna take their heads you’re gonna turn them sideways. gonna take their heads gonna hit that highway. cause it’s not enough to feel without feeling good yeah it’s good good good come on baby come on. yeah it’s all good good well dress yourself right and no one here can beat you. be that satellite. let the world rise up to meet you, yeah. cause it’s not enough to feel without feeling good. it’s all I want. yeah it’s all I need. [baseball version: come on boys come on, yeah it’s all good!]

pictures of people. well nothing gets done. and everyone’s tired. yeah but everything’s fine. everything comes in it’s own good time. pictures of people in magazines. I think they’re trying to tell me something. pictures of people I’ve never met living inside my tv set. and my heart gets so full driving around this town. feel like dr. zhivago lost in chicago. these pictures of people never alone or confused just looking for something left at the side of the road. these pictures of people I never talk to. I wanna say ‘I’m pleased to meet you.’ these pictures of people I could believe in if there was a way I could touch and feel them. and I’ll never see the same again. no I’ll never see the same again. and everything gets quiet. I need help to remember. and I feel no regret for the kindness of strangers come down through the airwaves. never alone or afraid just searching for something left at the side of the road. pictures of people. people around me never run out of things to tell me. these pictures of people here in my mind. I carry them with me all of the time. and I’ll never see the same again. what’s left of you my friend. how can I miss you? I’ve never met you. pictures of people.

a day alone. and the light inside of all your favorite songs turns the whole world on. it’s what we want. and it shines. oh it shines. it’s what I found in you. I hope you feel it too ‘cause without you I’d be lost. give a little of what could make you free (a day alone is wasted time for me). give a little of what you want to be (a day alone is wasted time for me). give a little love and you will see (a day alone is wasted time). I’m waiting here for you. you know what to do. and the sight of your smile turns me inside out. it just breaks me down. I make no sound and I remember why I shouldn’t trust my mind. it’s just a waste of time ‘cause without you I am lost

gone. I don’t think with my head. but there’s a couple things to say that should be said. number one, loving you was fun. I’m sorry if I hurt you. number two goes like this. if you listen close you can feel my kiss. cause I’m gone. I’m gone. you know it you know by now. that I’m gone. I’m gone. you know by now that I’m gone. I don’t give. I don’t take. I don’t talk to you. I don’t tell you what I feel. as if i feel. do you understand? I’m hollow and i’m gone.

the window. there is a window, a place where you used to appear. and I found myself watching, waiting for you to appear. and all of the hours, all of those days, I spent my time waiting for a look at your face. and I, I know that I’m hopeless, I know that I’m lost. since the day you disappeared there’s a line that I crossed. and all of the hours were never a waste. I’d spend my life waiting for a look at your face. I could never replace. everything I’ve dreamed of or prayed for is waiting for me in your eyes. so give me an answer, let me make my mistake. give me a moment, let me fall on my face. cause I have been drifting and now I am found. it was you in the window, now it’s you on the ground. and I’m coming down.


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