see the sun, the second album.after the rise and fall of your body above me, paul durham picked up and moved to venice. “in the end, all I had were my guitars and the songs I was writing.” paul wanted to control the sound around his voice, so he bought a computer and learned to use it. “I had to get back to how it was in high school — just me and my four-track.”

the resulting demos got him a new deal with epic records. “the first thing I did was buy a giant protools system.” he needed help with the installation and hired andy ellis to help set up his studio. “we’re sitting around waiting for the computer to reboot,” remembers paul, “and this guy picks up my guitar, without asking. I was cringing inside, but it turned out he was great. I wanted to sing over the top of everything he played. pretty soon, we were writing and recording together.”

at 23, ellis was already a skilled guitarist, keyboard player, programmer and engineer — durham had found the missing link. “working with andy is the first time collaboration has ever been easy,” says durham. “instead of the whole hell-is-other-people thing, we have a blast just making sounds.”

see the sun has a depth and emotional range that broadens with each listen. much of the album was mixed by tom lord-alge (live, blink 182). What shines brightest is the band’s pop sensibility – the liquid swirl of “remember,” the epic sweep of “see the sun,” the bittersweet loss of “without you,” and the surrender of “lonely boy.”

track listing
01 see the sun watch the very cheap video
02 remember free download : just right click & save
03 lonely boy watch the video
04 perfect girl
05 ecstasy
06 tell me why
07 without you
08 dream in color
09 learn to crawl
10 wide open
11 lifelike
12 circus lights

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things people say:

On “See the Sun,” Black Lab pick up where they left off. Black Lab were always more melodic and intelligent than much of what was released during the grunge era. That hasn’t changed at all with “See the Sun.” The soaring vocals and crunchy riffs on the title track and “Lonely Boy” could’ve been placed on “Your Body Above Me” without anybody noticing a difference. There is a minor change, though, in that Black Lab are experimenting with keyboards this time around. The wall of synthesizers that opens “Perfect Girl” was a little startling, but in a good way. It’s screaming to be a hit, like most of this album. Let’s hope they can do it this time.

Black Lab – “See the Sun” Since releasing a fantastic debut in 1997, which fit in nicely with the Matchbox 20s and Fuels at the time, the major label suddenly decided they didn’t know where to put the band. Pretty sad for a group of guys once touted “the American U2.” The past six years or so have been spent in limbo, with a complete band shake-up and finally this; a self-produced and funded spate of pop genius. Singer Paul Durham has taken full control of the group, and they’re actually better for it. Synthesizers blend with grinding guitars and pleading ditties that round out the best pop rock record of the year. If this band doesn’t break into the mainstream again, there is no justice in music. delco times

Searching for a fantastic CD that gives you faith in the music world again? Look no further! ‘See The Sun’, is without question one of those discs. Gloriously catchy hooks, you will find it impossible to get these melodies out of your head. If I had to pick, stand out tracks would be ‘See The Sun’, ‘Lonely Boy’, ‘Tell Me Why’, ‘Circus Lights’, and their pinnacle track on the CD, ‘Without You’. Help support this band and their brilliant self-produced effort. My Highest Recommendation!
Pancho : Amazon

I saw these guys back when I was in highschool…in 1997, I believe, in concert at Lupos in Providence Rhode Island when they were with Our Lady Peace. I didn’t know it then, but I was standing next to the lead singer watching Our Lady Peace with him while he was having a beer. I realised who he was after he walked away. Didn’t even get to tel him “great set!” They were better than “Peace” on stage. I’ve listened to their album ever since and when I heard they broke up it…well…sucked. I heard all these guys just gave up and for years I’ve looked and looked and watched and waited for this…and I have to say… It’s worth it. Though, it does lack some “darkness” of the first album, I am thankkful it’s here. The first album was great because these three guys did all everything with their instruments and the lead singer was able to pull a “Scott Weiland” and manipulte his voice in pretty cool, albeit Billy Idol ways sometimes. He’s not doing that much here, but bands have to change. But they should know they can alway go back to the “dark side” if they want. The fans will still be there. And I’m happy they put “learn to crawl” on this. When I heard this on “Spider-man”, I was “Yes, they are coming back!” Thank god…and the smart, smart poeple in the music industry.

Panz : Amazon

You know, I first picked up a copy of Black Lab’s “Your Body Above Me” years and years ago, in a store in the little town in Georgia I was living in, at the time. Listening to it, I was completely blown away, each track was a different style, a new emotional coloring to the vocals, the lyrics were certainly far-more thought-provoking then anything I could find on the radio, then. (And even now.) I kept hoping for a follow-up, especially after having heard rumors/news of the band’s breakup. However, their continued contributions to soundtracks made me doubt….and now? It’s awesome. Awesome, awesome, AWESOME. They hold true to the in-depth lyrics, the arrangements are awesome, and they’ve updated their ‘sound’ with techno/trance/sequencer effects in some songs, but only to give them more punch, not letting these effects take away from the song’s delivery, itself. “Ecstacy”, “Dream In Color”, and “Learn to Crawl” (originally featured in the “Spiderman: The Movie” soundtrack) are all stand-out tracks, but above and beyond all others, the absolute, naked pain and surrender found in “Lonely Boy” is the one that shines above all others. All in all, though, you come away from each track, enjoying something about every one, for different reasons. If you’ve never heard of these guys, either “Your Body Above Me” or “See The Sun” are both great albums. If you’ve heard them, and liked them before, it only gets better. If (for whatever reason!) you *don’t* like Black Lab’s sound, then this album isn’t going to change your mind. It’s not more of the same, it’s better then before.

Chris : Amazon

Best CD of 2005. What an amazing band. I found about this band when they had through a friend who played me the “See the Sun” ep . Anyway, I have been waiting for this album with eager anticipation and all my expectaions have been exceeded. I hope more people will discover how incredibly good these guys are. Well the songs that are worth taking notice of are “See the Sun”,”Remember”,”Lonely Boy”,”Without You”, and “Tell Me Why”. If you like this cd you should check out their late 90’s release “Your Body Above Me” but know they had more of a grunge sound back then.

Aaron : Amazon

Back with a vengeance. The best way to describe this CD would be the “light” side of Black Lab.
YBAM was always thought of as “bad” U2 (not bad, but dark…). When I listen to YBAM and See the Sun back to back I can’t help but think of the music video for Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me by U2 when the black and white variations of the band fight each other. This is exactly how the two albums react to each other – the same, but direct opposites. See the Sun is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Every song is golden, I highly recommend it. I’ve already used up my copy and I’ve bought about 4 total to give out to friends and family. This is the best present that could be received at Christmas, pick them up while they’re here!

Kraig : Amazon

So good I thought it was sex.If you never heard this band…if you remember them from a few years back when they made some (air) waves…take a moment and listen to these tracks. This entire album is so damn good, it should have a surgeon general warning attached to it: “contents are addictive”. I bought See The Sun, then bought a few more copies after friends and family had swiped the CD. This disc has tracks that grab you instantly with variance and hooks not found in today’s radio…but it also has thought-provoking lyrics and melodies that stick with you and beg to be played again and again. This CD remains in my regular rotation in the car and at home-do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

Brad : Amazon

Thank you for finally coming out with a new album. See the Sun is absolutely splendid! I’ve had it for two days and have listened to the entire album at least 20 times and the single Ecstasy at least 50 times. If you liked Your Body Above Me, you need to get this album NOW!

Big Dawg : iTunes

Amazing! worth the wait… brilliantly written.

RobertP : iTunes

Long waiting usually leads to disappointment… but not in this case. This album is everything fans of Your Body Above Me have been waiting for. It’s Paul’s voice, melancholy and immediate. it’s great love song writing. I can’t help but want to sing along. If you like this album you will like the first, and the other way around.
bookgerm : iTunes

A must-have. This is a simply phenomenal follow-up from one of the most underrated bands around. Do yourself a favor and get the whole album, because you’ll want to listen to one lush track after another. Black Lab left their old record label behind and produced this on their own, which makes it even more incredible. Welcome back guys — it’s been a long wait, but a worthwhile one.

AbhilnNYC : iTunes

Amazing album. “See the Sun” is not my “lost on a desert island” album. I heard “Remember” on Accident Hash and was blown away. This is one of those albums where you don’t keep playing a few tracks over and over. This entire album is packed with incredible tunes. I cannot say enough about this musical gift to the world.

Matt Snodgrass : iTunes

Much better than the first album. One of my all time favorite albums.

MichaelV : iTunes

A great album. I bought this album 2 weeks ago and it has not left my cd player/ipod… Black Lab was one of my fav bands back in the day, and I’m glad to see that they are back… they make grat music.

Anonymous : iTunes


see the sun. if i feel this feeling if i let myself go deep again will you stay by my side, yeah cause when i feel this feeling things won’t ever be the same again if planets collide i won’t mind, no i’ll be fine i can’t see the sun anymore i can’t feel the drugs anymore i can’t see the sun anymore but i don’t mind you’re by my side and i feel fine. are you my revelation are you the answer to my question or have i wasted my time, yeah cause if i feel this feeling will you crawl out of your perfect skin and climb in to mine will you shine will you be my light? i can’t see the sun anymore i can’t feel the ground anymore hey michell we’re too young to be alone hey ‘chell is your heart still made of stone hey babe i call will you take me home hey babe i’m calling hear me calling

remember. it was wild in the street wild in the night blistering cold in the cold daylight i could feel your hands pushing hard on me and all the fights that i tried to fight fair all the nights that you spent with me i swear do you remember? ’cause i remember? do you remember? ’cause i remember what you said to me remember like it was just some dream but i lost my faith did you lose yours too? would you bleed for me? i would bleed for you and the blood gets thick at the end of the night you in my sheets like a sodium light i could feel your skin coming off your soul reeling me in like there’s nothing you don’t know and i won’t speak i won’t write i won’t call you on the phone won’t listen to my mind if i hear you call me home

lonely boy. you say you like to sleep alone and i say i miss the way you breathe you say i get away with murder but you know i’ve paid for hurting someone i can’t leave behind do you feel something pulling you back in do you see something you want to see again i could be the one i could make it up to you take me back i’m the lonely boy who loves you you say my broken heart becomes me i say i’d sell it cheap to you you say I should wrap all the lies i’ve told in ten dollar bills and smoke them money doesn’t burn so clean

perfect girl. nobody ever, ever could tell her what it’s like to fall in love tired of searching, she wants to be perfect nothing’s ever good enough and i watch, i wait catch her eye and look away nobody ever, ever could tell her but i tried now she keeps me hanging on the line praying at the sky every single night’s the same she’s a perfect girl hanging by phone praying all alone everybody knows her name she’s a perfect girl and she wanted to want me wanted to need me wanted all those distant stars wanted a surgeon, a full operation but she couldn’t bear the scars and she cut me well but she wouldn’t be cut herself and nobody told me i could be lonely when i fell i’m not perfect, what’s a girl to do in a perfect world i’d be perfect too but the longer that she makes me wait the more my heart begins to break but it’s worth it when she comes in the morning she’ll be gone

ecstasy. picture yourself, mind like a switchblade heart doubled over in pain you let your body overflow hide your instinct good and deep as the world just goes to hell throw my clothes out in the street and hang me on your wall ‘cause everyone’s in ecstasy underneath it all and everybody’s lonely no one there at all but is anybody happy or is it just the alcohol? i don’t know i don’t know all i really know is i don’t know now your sisters have gone one by one, one took jesus one took the gun and each song leads to one more song the future on your back i guess i should feel lucky just to get to be your past and i never saw your world come down, that familiar sound and i never thought you would pull me down that the world would pull me down

tell me why. i tell you that i love you you don’t believe a word i say i tell you that you’re beautiful you just turn away how does it feel to be like you? how does it feel to break me like you do? how does it feel when i’m alone with you? are you out of your head? cause i’m out of my head tell me why some things are perfect tell me why some things are wonderful tell me why some things are out of reach tell me why why why i want to know the things you think i want to be the ghost in you i want to sleep i want to live inside your dream we’ll make it all come true maybe you think i’m gone or just crazy in my own world or maybe you think i’m lost or in love with the wrong girl

without you. keep the pictures we took keep the records and the books tell me what it was that went wrong i think about california i think about getting out of here i think i’ll change my name i know i’ll never be the same without you, without you no matter where i go or what i do i’ll always be in love with you without you i know you’re sick of me now i know you’re sick of my advice i never learned to keep it to myself i think about california i think about getting out of here i think i’ll change my name maybe you should do the same without you, without you no matter where i go or what i do i’ll always be in love with you without you, without you tell me what did I do what did I say how could I end up this way without you and just this once pretend, forget that i was drunk that night when i said, said that i would jump a mile to my death if you should ever leave you promised that you’d always be with me are your black eyes turning blue? cause i just can’t live without you

dream in color. kiss me once, just once well you think it’s love or something close i don’t recall you say i was sleeping but i know what i saw there were nights i swear we flew i was dreaming in color dreaming beside you now the sky has gone to gray i was dreaming in color in this picture we made ask me once or twice well they ring them bells they throwing rice at you and me but it wasn’t enough say what more could i be sleep all day and watch tv all night the pictures play in black in white i close my eyes

learn to crawl. you can laugh you can feel fine you can dance with a little twist you turn your pretty red head babe you forget that i exist can you see yourself in my bed at night would you leave me at the side of the road would you walk right up to me would you talk to me i’m already asking down on my knees already begging begging you please can you teach me how to fly can you see i’m scared to die cause i’ve only just begun to learn to crawl can you teach me how to fight can you keep me up at night will you be there on the ground if i should fall, fall for you i could feel it like the spider’s sting like a memory in my mouth i feel like the morning fell like the bottom’s fallen out i can see what’s up there above it all laying down in the valley below i can walk right up to you i can talk to you

wide open. sleeping on your doorstep is killing me i was king of the world now it’s killing me can you lift me up somehow show me what i’m feeling now in this wide open space on these wide open faces in your wide open eyes i can see see you all around me get myself an island on the sea get myself a jetplane to carry me can you lift me up somehow show me what i’m feeling now i believe in luck i believe in fate i believe that love will find a way

lifelike. hey i never wanted to waste your time i never wanted to waste your time i never thought i would get so lost along the way i never thought i would break your heart i always thought i would play my part it’s amazing how far you fall before you wake ‘cause i can’t fake it and i can’t face myself no i can’t wait to find a way to live a life like i want to do live a life like we used to live a life like days and days gone by hey, i never wanted to waste your time if i kiss you will you stop crying can i kiss you again just once before you go? ‘cause i can’t stand you when i can’t stand myself and i can’t wait to find a way

circus lights. come on spend the night under the circus lights i want to see you high above the crowd you know i’ve swallowed fire and i’ve fallen off the wire a million times before are you asking me to show you more love more light more heat are you asking me to take you hold you show you more light more heat if you’re asking me then i’ll be there when these circus lights go out i’ll be the tattooed man you can be the acrobat i’ll try and catch you when you fall and we’ll be together then like a pair of siamese twins entwined against the ground tell me what more could you ask for now i wake up to the sound of bells a thousand girls in wedding veils but all i want is you do you believe me? cause the one game that i never played the one mistake i never made was to come right out and ask you if you need me do you need me now? cause i need more

sweet vid for ‘lonely boy’


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