paul durham and black lab are pleased to announce
the release of black lab’s second album of 2007: TECHNOLOGIE. twelve songs of electronica, techno-rock & remixes — plus our epic tribute to the transformers theme.part side-project, part collaboration with fans, part hidden dark room where we went to work out our big beat fetish, TECHNOLOGIE is available now via download from in drm-free 192k mp3 & 256k aac formats (includes artword pdf’s, two bonus tracks, including the transformers theme instrumental). or order a CD right nowand get an immediate mp3 download of the theme.4 tracks created by Andy Ellis (including ‘this blood’ from new line cinema’s Blade: Trinity), plus Andy’s 9-minute remix of ‘ecstasy’ (from black lab’s second album, See the Sun). 3 tracks created by Brian Paturalski (including ‘river of joy,’ featured in the trailer for sony pictures’ The Covenant). a track by D. Joseph Hofer. a remix of ‘lonely boy’ by Miss Volatile; a remix of ‘remember’ by Alex Kemp. plus a production by Andy (Andy being THE biggest Transformersfan in the world) of the ‘transformers theme’ from the TV show & 80’s animated movie. all of these feature Paul on vocals. we also get Andy’s debut on lead vocals in ‘ghost in the machine,’ a track he produced with his brother, Henry.preview it all right here. this album is like a dark alley we got lured into, a mix of rock writing with raging beats — torrential synths trading blows with huge guitars — all of it cut with shards of dance, trance & the lost world of TECHNOLOGIE.sorry, all sold out of CDs – downloads only.

track listing

101 bulletproof
102 new prayer
103 river of joy
104 living too fast
105 lonely boy (miss volatile remix by tara [])
106 hole in my heart
107 when worlds collide
108 ecstasy (switchblade remix by andy)
109 ghost in the machine (vocals by andy)
110 remember (motorboat drama remix by alex kemp [])
111 a stone’s throw
112 this blood
113 transformers theme

holy crap, giant robots are coming! :: THE TRANSFORMERS THEME [[[over 4.6 million youtube views!!]]]

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bulletproof. we’re gonna get free. we’re gonna get free. we’re gonna get free. it’s bulletproof.

a new prayer. wind in my heart. dust in my head. I need something like a drug that won’t fuck me up. something like pain that won’t go away keeping me awake. I need something like a girl you know making me work but inside not outside. I need a window a way out of these mirrors. something that matters more than survival. something to keep me hold me broken and lonely that can keep me alive. I need a new prayer. I need a new prayer to pray. I need a new word. I need a new word to say. yeah it’s only silence. only silence. I need something like sleep like a dream but perfectly real a sharp blade of grass kick my ass something inside and not outside something that kills that can bring me back something that’s perfectly matched to the place where I come in the middle of the place where I come that can pick me off the ground when I’m done that can hold me to flame and let it burn me down. I need a new prayer. another sun. get me in this. I won’t wait for you. when all is fought and won can’t believe what I have done this soul. I need a new prayer. I need new. it’s only silence. perfection. completion.

river of joy. I heard you say a word it was something that wasn’t clear. I heard you say something that was sucked down in my ears. I thought you could tell me. I got it all wrong. I hear the sound of your voice even when you are gone. it’s the sound it’s the sound of the river of joy. it’s the sound and it’s ringing at me. she could turn but she was asleep. she could turn but she was asleep. could you hear? could you think? could you believe if you saw it with your eyes? . it’s the sound it’s the sound of the river of joy.

living too fast. every detail spoken inside my mind. every action catching me from behind. every firefight bullets inside my… I can’t turn my head around sideways cover my back don’t let me down. you swear. you say I’m living too fast. I know you say. black summer windows shot out below. black winter fire in the hole. I’m running nowhere left to go. I can’t turn my head around sideways cover my back don’t break me down. you swear. you say I’m living too fast. I know you say. nine eight seven six five four three two one gotta burn gotta burn the sun.

lonely boy (miss volatile remix). you say you like to sleep alone and I say I miss the way you breathe. you say I get away with murder but you know I’ve paid for hurting someone I can’t leave behind. do you feel something pulling you back in? do you see something you want to see again? I could be the one I could make it up to you. take me back I’m the lonely boy who loves you. you say my broken heart becomes me. I say I’d sell it cheap to you. you say I should wrap all the lies I’ve told in ten dollar bills and smoke them money doesn’t burn so clean.

hole in my heart. so I’ve been watching you. there’s nothing I’m missing now except you. and I’m missing you. and I take your mind. the hole in my heart. the hole in my heart is you. the hold in my heart is you. all these words they go so far alone. all these words they go so far alone. let go. let go. I want to take everything that lies between us. I want to strip it down to the bone. I want to put my hands around you from behind you. I want to push until you cough up a lung. do you understand? the hole in my heart is you. I want to put you down on a mattress put your face up against the wall. I want to let you ravish me like a demon like heaven before the fall. break me. you’re the hole in my heart. I want to make you understand me. I want to wrap your skin around me. come on come on. let go of your heart. let go. let go.

when worlds collide. fight it when worlds collide. it’s all that I can do is try to understand. when worlds collide. pick the pieces up pick the pieces up. fight it. at this time. on this ground. when worlds collide in your holy war. it’s all that I can do. fight it.

ecstasy (switchblade remix). mind like a switchblade. heart doubled over in pain. now your sisters have gone one by one. one took jesus one took the gun. and each song leads to one more song the future on your back. I guess I should feel lucky just to get to be your past. cause everyone’s in ecstasy. and everyone’s lonely. but is anybody happy? cause everyone’s in ecstasy underneath it all. and everyone’s lonely no one there at all. but is anybody happy or it just the alcohol? I don’t know. I don’t know. and I never saw your world come down. that familiar sound. and I never thought you would pull me down that the world would pull me down.

remember (Alex Kemp remix). It was wild in the street wild in the night. blistering cold in the cold daylight I could feel your hands pushing hard on me. and all the fights that I tried to fight fair all the nights that you spent with me I swear. do you remember? ’cause I remember. do you remember? ’cause I remember what you said to me. remember like it was just some dream. but I lost my faith. did you lose yours too? would you bleed for me? I would bleed for you and the blood gets thick at the end of the night you in my sheets like a sodium light. I could feel your skin coming off your soul reeling me in like there’s nothing you don’t know. and I won’t speak. I won’t write. I won’t call you on the phone. won’t listen to my mind if I hear you call me home.

a stone’s throw. is this a ship I have heard of? is this a room I prayed in? is this a mirror where I appeared? strike it from my vision. I don’t think I have been I don’t think I have seen. set in your eyes where I go. slip it inside where I know. you put your body on the floor. yeah yeah you’re a stone’s throw. you’re a stone’s throw. yeah you give me the slip. but I know where you live. you’re just a stone’s throw from one of the places I go. and I have followed you there. I have watched you at night through the curtains as your brushed your hair. I never wanted to intrude. I just wanted to get to know you. I guess the situation got a little of hand. bring me home. you’re a stone’s throw.

this blood this blood. wake the night. is going to wake the night. this blood. this blood is going to wake the night.

transformers theme. something evil’s watching over you. coming from the sky above and there’s nothing you can do. prepare to strike there’ll be no place to run when your caught within the grip of the evil megatron. transformers. more than meets the eye. transformers. robots in disguise. strong enough to break the bravest heart. so we have to pull together we can’t stay worlds apart. to stand divided we will surely fall until our darkest hour when the light will save us all. transformers. autobots wage their battle to destroy the evil forces of the decepticons. it’s judgment day and now we’ve made our stand nd now the powers of darkness have been driven from our land. the Battle’s over but the war has just begun. and this way it will remain til the day when all are one. transformers.

hey, check it out — more transformers theme video mashups. EXCELLENT! (many more at our youtube channel)




and, of course, the ultimate transformers tribute of all: LEGWARMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(featuring Kristin from Cake or Death and the madness of Earle Monroe)


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