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September 7th, 2015

“Live From the Mercury Lounge,” recorded at our excellent NYC show last year and featuring 100 minutes of pristine HD video on DVD and two CDs full of music, is available now for pre-order in 3-disc format or as a high-resolution download. it’s been sent to the factory and should be shipping in 3-4 weeks. check out more info and samples in the posts below.

please grab it now while you can, as these are pre-order prices and they’ll go up:

DVD/CD2 package with complimentary digital delivery. $27.95
Click to order

DVD/CD2 package, digital delivery + “A Raven Has My Heart” CD w/ sleeve. $37.95
Click to order

High resolution digital download of full video and audio. $23.95
Click to order

Box Set (every Black Lab CD including signed DVD/CD2) $97.95
Click to order


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