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how the light gets in

April 9th, 2012

Kristian Anderson was a good friend of ours, a hard worker who always had time to help us out in one way or another. over the last ten years we have schemed about how to get Andy and I down to Australia where Kris could shoot a live acoustic performance for a DVD package.

this September, sick with cancer but still relentlessly cheerful and positive, Kris made the trip to LA with his new red epic camera to shoot us in the studio working on the new album. it was the realization of a longstanding goal for both of us — to meet each other face to face and to get some wicked footage.

before he passed at the beginning of this year, Kris managed to do a rough cut of some footage for one of the songs. I’m not sure what will happen to the rest of the stuff he shot, but I wanted to make this available as a tribute to Kris, his gifts, his passion for music and video, and his example to all of us to get off our asses and go for it, all the way to the end.

I’m also making the audio for this track the Free Mp3 of the Month, since I kind of like it better than the album take from Unplugged. just click above to get it. you can check out Kris’ blog here and his posthumous book right here.

thanks, Kris. we owe you one.

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back from la – part 2

October 5th, 2011

another excellent part of our audience in the studio was musician, engineer and videographer Kristian Anderson.

Kristian approached me ten years ago or so about shopping our “I feel fine” ep in Australia. he paid for the manufacturing of the ep and basically went to work trying to make us huge in Oz. it didn’t really happen, but he became a good friend and valuable ally in getting all kinds of technical stuff handled as we learned to do everything ourselves.

Kristian had a long time vision of shooting a live-performance DVD for us down under, and we got pretty close a couple of times to actually making a date. but a lack of money and other stuff always kept getting in our way.

then a few years ago Kristian got cancer. not young-guy-will-definitely-survive cancer but serious, lethal-like liver and bowel cancer. he’s got a wife and two young kids so he went to war, opened up his veins and let them pour the poison in, all in the hopes of sticking around for his sons’ childhoods.

along the way he put his skills and connections to work making a video for his wife’s birthday. anyone willing to have their heart ripped out can check it out right here.

meanwhile, Oprah saw the vid and during her week broadcasting from Australia invited Kristian and Rachel up on stage. you can see that here. this helped things out on the financial side. it also made them kinda famous.

Rachel seems like an incredibly cool person, because when Kristian found out we were going to be in LA recording piano, she said, “you should go film them.” so Kristian loaded up his brand new, $65,000 Red Epic, flew to LA from Oz, called his friend Joseph, and the two of them shot video of the sessions for three days.

I’ll be honest, he didn’t look so good when he got here, and each day he looked substantially worse. I told him I didn’t want him to die just because black lab needed some video shot. he just laughed.

in fact, he did a lot of laughing over the three days. it was great to meet him in person after all these years — he’s one of those fans that has contributed a lot to us and become a partner in what we do. but it was particularly amazing to feel his positivity in the face of sickness and potential death, of endless chemical treatments and the possibility of losing his kids (and, what is worse for a father, the possibility of his kids losing their dad).

we’re grateful Kristian got to come and can’t wait to see the footage (stills below from tracking ‘this night’). you can check out his blog here.









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