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black lab live, 1998

July 2nd, 2012

hey all, here’s a great way to support black lab:

please click here to go to youtube and check out some (rough) live concert footage of me and the guys rocking the red devil lounge in san francisco, circa 1998.

and while you’re there, be sure to subscribe to our channel. why? good question.

the more subscribers we get, the more likelihood we have of becoming partners with youtube. as partners, we can earn a little money with views of our videos, and we can also earn when other people use black lab songs to make videos on youtube (which, actually, a lot of people do — which is awesome).

continuing to focus on music means we have to stay up on all these little sources of income, increasing the stream of pennies until it adds up to bread and butter. so if you have a google account, please subscribe. if you have more than one google acct, and you’re not afraid of google coming to eat you in the night, subscribe more than once. and if you don’t have a google acct… well, never mind, that’s not possible.

meanwhile, Andy and I are consolidating the tracks we worked on in LA and I’m walking around coming up with new melodies. not sure if we’re ready to boil this all down into an album or not the next few months but we’re shooting for christmas.

so, you know, wish us luck.


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big sky songwriters festival

May 21st, 2012

hey peeps,

just wanted to make you aware of a little activity I’ll be participating in this summer as I thought a few of you might be interested.

I’m signed up to do this thing called Big Sky Songwriters Festival just up the road from me in Big Sky, Montana. it’s a pretty incredible venue, and I’ll be involved in panels, roundtable discussions of songwriting, as well as one-on-one work, solo and group performances.

this isn’t the kind of thing I usually go in for but Dave, the founder, is a buddy of mine and he talked me into it. I’m thinking it might be really fun as well. often I’m just in my little hole here, or writing with Andy, so it should be cool to get out a bit and maybe interact with other writers.

anyway, it’s probably a pricey proposition, but if you’re in the area or want to do some serious surgery on your songwriting, it would be great to have some black lab fans out for this thing. we can get a drink at Chet’s and shoot the shizzle.

hope to see you there.


Festival site:

Facebook page:

Facebook event page:

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how the light gets in

April 9th, 2012

Kristian Anderson was a good friend of ours, a hard worker who always had time to help us out in one way or another. over the last ten years we have schemed about how to get Andy and I down to Australia where Kris could shoot a live acoustic performance for a DVD package.

this September, sick with cancer but still relentlessly cheerful and positive, Kris made the trip to LA with his new red epic camera to shoot us in the studio working on the new album. it was the realization of a longstanding goal for both of us — to meet each other face to face and to get some wicked footage.

before he passed at the beginning of this year, Kris managed to do a rough cut of some footage for one of the songs. I’m not sure what will happen to the rest of the stuff he shot, but I wanted to make this available as a tribute to Kris, his gifts, his passion for music and video, and his example to all of us to get off our asses and go for it, all the way to the end.

I’m also making the audio for this track the Free Mp3 of the Month, since I kind of like it better than the album take from Unplugged. just click above to get it. you can check out Kris’ blog here and his posthumous book right here.

thanks, Kris. we owe you one.

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happiness. new free mp3 of the month

March 5th, 2012

k, I’m getting serious about these free mp3 of the month things. and by that I mean that I’m gonna get off my ass and actually make them happen, like, every month.

I’ve got tons of stuff lying around. much of it (like this month’s special) is the kind of half-assed sketch that makes for either 1) random, disposable nonsense, 2) great starter fertilizer for something that might, with a bunch o’ work, be cool, or 3) demo brilliance, needing just a tweak and a polish before it’s ready for prime time.

still not sure where ‘happiness’ falls in this. it was such a happy vibe & riff I thought I’d actually not ruin it and give it a lyric that fit. usually I like to inflict my existential torment on you all (you know you love it), but in this case I thought I’d just get my sugar tooth on and cop an indie-pop vibe. it’s easy. and fun!

it doesn’t necessarily get us any closer to having a new black lab album done, but you all know I’m too ADD when it comes to genre to be held down to any one (or five). anyhoo, let us know what you think — and let your friends know too, send ’em a link.

free music. on the internet! who knew?!

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