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new video for ‘dying just to hold you’

August 15th, 2012

check out the new vid at youtube, made by some friends in Scott Chestnut’s directing class at the local university. and please subscribe to our channel if you haven’t already.

as you know, I’ll be at the big sky songwriters festival  all this week, with a performance saturday night at whiskey jack’s. excellent chance to come hang out and drink a beer, hear some music, and maybe get your songs worked on…

also, just got a new shipment of Black Lab unplugged CDs in and we need to get rid of them, so for the next 30 days we’re having a sale. $8 each. perfect for gifts, if you wanna replace your download with something three dimensional, or in case you already wore your first one out.

thanks for everything you do to keep us making music.



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something you don’t know

January 26th, 2012

hi folks, happy new year!

we’re psyched to present our new video for “something you don’t know” from two strangers, directed, shot & cut by scott chestnut. usually we would be putting out something for unplugged about now (and we will, I promise) but, you know, things around here don’t always follow the schedule.

anyway, I love how the video shows an important part of Andy’s and my working process, how we hammer things out in our separate studios in separate states before coming together.

meanwhile, I had a great time in europe — thanks to everyone who made it out to the Freiburg show. it was bitchin’. I’ve been thinking about doing house concerts or something over there when I go, cause it’s so much more fucking fun to play to people when 1. they’re paying attention 2. it’s not in a small club with half the people having a conversation, and 3. not amplified.

I guess I’m just a big baby. but I want what I want, you know?

ok, see you soon!

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music video

April 1st, 2009

:: music video ::

I just finished the quickest, dirtiest and best no-budget hi-res music video ever, courtesy of camera/editing meister Scott Chestnut (check his extreme professionalness at he said “come out and we’ll shoot” so that’s what I did. he got a whole mountain/beach boy/girl thing going which I really like, and the special effects make my pretend-guitar-soloing that much more overwhelming. awesome!

:: men at work ::

just so you know, we are hard at work on the fourth official black lab album. Andy and I spent a week in his studio last month cranking on some old ideas we’ve had kicking around and pulling out some new ones to chew on. we’ll toss them back and forth via ftp for awhile and they’ll start to take flight.

meanwhile, you can get in on the action via volume IV of the Mp3 of the Month Club. each month I’m sending out a new track that I/we are working on, letting people hear the process as it unfolds from demos to song selection to tracking. it’s been great to get people’s feedback on the forum and keep in touch between albums.

I’m hoping for a summer release of the long-awaited B-sides double CD and then maybe the new thing out fall/winter.



so, while working diligently on the new black lab joint, I couldn’t pass up the chance to collaborate with my old friend Deej on some trax he had started (he’s the same guy who played with me on the live duo cuts from the Ten Million Years album). they had a good kind of sweet sludge all over them that made me think of the music I actually put on these days when I’m driving. as usual, things got a little bit out of hand, and, after hearing them in my rental car, another friend of mine in LA gave us a little record deal (just a little digital distro to test the waters, nothing too soul-sucking). I was feeling tired of doing everything myself and took him up on it.

so here it is: five new songs boiled down into a wicked little EP, available exclusively at itunes, amazon mp3 and other fine digital outlets. five new songs by a band called Stray Palace. if I didn’t think you would like it I wouldn’t tell you about it. I really really think you’ll like it:


:: tweet ::

just in case you have room for one more little tiny shred of distraction in your life, you can follow me on twitter as I microblog my way through the writing of this next record. I’ll try to keep it pithy and non-pornographic, but the fact is that twitter begs to be abused.

do it!

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